Monday, April 27, 2009

A day to rest....

I have been all over the state of Oregon the past week! No, I have not been to shows or events, but even bigger! I have been on my daughters 5th grade field trips!

It seems as the year winds down, the field trips get more abundant! Last week we drove to Portland Oregon to spend the night at OMSI. It is a wonderful science museum that has so many great things to offer for kids and adults. The kids got to explore the museum, watch a show in the planetarium and watch a movie in the OmniMax theater. This is a huge theater that the best part, well one of the best parts!
Then less than week later we were off to the High Desert Museum in Bend, Oregon. So worth the 2 1/2 hour drive (on the bus with the 5th graders I might add)! There were such beautiful displays of artwork by the early Native Americans of this area. It so inspired me to want to make something! And so I mastered the spiral stitch on the bus no less!

Thinking that this was my day to rest, I realized we have a band concert this evening for my older two children. But I just had to get back into the swing being that it is "Marketing Monday" for me. I have a couple of things I wanted to share that I have been working on. They will be listed in my Artifre store today, as well as Etsy. Hopefully by Wednesday they will be in Silkfair and 1000 Markets too! Yes, I have many online stores to visit, but not everything is out yet. I just seem to keep getting caught up in those field trips!.... Maybe I should say Thursday, we have a 6th grade field trip on Wednesday! :)

Butterfly Garden Earrings are a fun pair of earrings, with rose colored ab Swarovski crystals dancing below an inquisitive butterfly. The butterfly has a light green shimmery tint to it's wings that catch the sunlight just so. Just above the butterfly is another crystal that seems to catch her attention. These are just so springy and fun I just had to get them out there. You can find them here.

The "be still my heart" Necklace is a lovely piece that inspires romance with it's vintage style. A shorter necklace, 16", has a captivating filigree antique bronze heart and three small Swarovski pearls dangling lightly behind or in front of it, as if they were children playing hide and seek. You must check them out here.

There is also "A Fairy's love" earrings. These were so fun to put together. I have attempted the "Banana Bobian" style and added my own flair. These dainty fairy's have a light green shimmer to their wings. They look as they are shining so brightly with the Swarovski crystals behind them. There is a rouge color to the rose earrings just above the fairy and a single crystal that is wire wrapped above the fairy. She is gently rests atop two heart shaped filigree pieces that have been combined to accentuate her glorious backdrop. View her and more great items here.

So with two more field trips this week and next, I will be sure to get something done on the bus to show you all next week!

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