Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In the Beginning....


I am not sure where to start except at the beginning. All good stories have a beginning right?
I started beading over 12 years ago, before my kids were born. That age old phrase "when I had spare time". I have even less spare time now and I still seem to find a way to make jewelry.

This is a small home based business with myself and my husband. I make all that glitters and he provides the woodwork to display my works. We both create custom designs for fashion and fun, you might say. I create custom jewelry for any occasion; wedding, prom, every day wear, and all of the above. All my items are one of a kind. I can reproduce items but they are rarely the same as I have to consider dye lots, availability of supplies, etc.

My husband has constructed the beautiful wood cases that most my jewelry travel in from show to show. He has also created my earring trees, sign for my tent, and my workspace at home. He is quite talented. He has also been a great source of my inspiration.

I just wanted to take the time and welcome you to my space. check back often as I will post pictures and more info as we go along.

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