Thursday, April 2, 2009

Basic tips on Photographing your art

I have recently researched many avenues for pictures and I have found that a light box is a great, and inexpensive investment. Now I cannot take credit for this creation, I found it on a fellow bloggers site: Strobist shows how to and results of his work. I figured for less than $10, I could do it too. For under $3.00 I made a very basic light box in about a half an hour.

Here is a picture I took in my study with a lot of natural light. It does not do any justice to the beautiful necklace. As you can see, the golden an bronze colors are all washed out. The next picture was taken with the assistance of a light box, and it changes the dynamics of this piece. It lightens it up and looks completely different.

Beings that I make jewelry for a living, I want to be sure to get the best picture I can. Now I am no expert on cameras, but I have found that my Samsung digital camera is pretty good. It has 10.2 mega pixels, and a great zoom feature. For an inexpensive camera, it works well. I have also invested in getting a tripod. Just one of those silly little things that has adjustable legs. It has been great! I can leave the camera in the exact position and distance from my piece, then I can move the piece or adjust the background and not worry about where did I have the camera last???

Like I said, I am no expert on this. I am just learning many of these things for the first time but if I can pass on one small bit of info for the "new kid on the block" then it is all worth it. (there are days where I still feel like the new kid on the block!)

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