Monday, February 21, 2011

And who said I didn't have any free time?

I have been busy for quite some time now.  I have been working at work, online stores and even with Girl Scouts.  I have been known to find time where there is none left in the day. This is usually the best time to create, when the scheduled time ends and the free time emerges. 

Lavender Sage Cocoa Butter soap

With my newly found "free" time, I have been working on splitting up the inventory into two stores, Plum Valley Designs and Plum Valley Notions.  Both stores have wonderful things to choose from.  Plum Valley Designs has all the things you would want to primp for that night out, or even day to day casual jewelry wear.  With beautiful one of a kind designs, you know you will have something unique to you. 

Plum Valley Notions has recently emerged with lavish supplies such as  handmade cocoa butter soaps, shea butter soaps, moisturizing lotions and even all natural beeswax lip balms.  There are Himalayan Bath Salts to soothe those sore muscles after that long day. 

With all these great products, who needs to leave the house?  I know that I don't seem to get out after working on all of these great products.  And so who said I have any free time?

Friday, July 2, 2010

We're working on Giving away free things here....

I feel like I have been so involved this week that I have not been around as much to see the land of Blog.  I have been working to get things ready for a show next weekend.  The Bend Summer Festival is going on July 10-11th.  I will be set up downtown Bend for two fun-filled days of smelling yummy foods, live music and best of all..... Sales!!!!

But in the meantime, I am working on a smaller goal.  My Facebook Page, Plum Valley Designs is up and running like wildfire! I would love to reach 300 fans soon, but alas I am still at 165.  My goal is to hit 200 "likers" by the end of the week.  If I can do this then I will have a giveaway and randomly pick one of my adorable fans to bestow a gift upon!  If I PASS 200 "likers" then I will send out 3 gifts!  Its like a party for everyone!  I will be working on giving away free things this week!

Be sure to tell everyone about the give away and have them stop by Plum Valley Designs and become a liker.  The more we have the more fun it will be! 
Since Facebook does not look nicely upon promo's and giveaways there, the drawing will be here.  I will be sure to post something there to congratulate our winner, or winners though !

Don't forget to stop by the shop to see some fabulous new items!  There will be more soon!  And be sure to check out the lotions and scrubs. They are a great way to ease those dry summer feet back into good health!