Monday, March 15, 2010

Shining Brightly

With the sun out, and the fresh crisp air, I have been rejuevenated to create! I have so many ideas that even after the sun is done shining brightly, I am still up piecing together my next new idea.

I have just had to piece them together in between girl scout cookies, booth sales, events and everyday home life.... I guess that just leaves the midnight hours to get things done!
At least I have cookies to snack on through those late nights! mmmmmm....... cookies!

I have just finished some earrings and necklaces that are fun, bright and whimsical. And with the traditional designs I have been accustomed to, this is me branching out! I love trying new things as you can see by the older posts. I am still going strong with the Sea Salt Scrubs and body butters, but I will never be able to leave my true passion for jewelry. After almost 14 years, I would have to say that it is part of me. And as we all know after doing something for that long.... well, I guess you would say that it's an addiction. At least this is a healthy one though, right? :)

So I am off to post more items in the stores: etsy and artfire. If you have not already become a fan of Plum Valley Designs on Facebook, then come on over and check it out! I am hoping to have a giveaway soon! Just don't hate me if I am a little slow on the link love.