Friday, April 3, 2009

Adventures In the World Wide Web

Yesterday, last night, and this morning I have been searching for eggs. ArtFire has been putting on their Easter Egg Hunt Contest and I have been searchin'. I have come across a lot of beautiful items that I had to share. First, I love Highwater Studios lampwork bottles. They are absolutely beautiful! I can only dream of making what they create! The bottles are about (the one I bought) is about 2' long. It also has two corks as to allow the perfume oils or what ever your putting in there to slowly be released. They even sent a couple of extra beads in with the order. How cool is that?!

Next I visited AndreaDesigns and found beautiful shawls and scarves. I have never been much on shawls but she has some really nice things there. I think my most favorite one is the Southwest Scarf. I just love the colors she used. They draw your attention and hold it.

Then I made it to MarionsDreamWorks Studio, and let me tell you. I have never thought chainmaille to be as elegant as she has made it. I always thought big, bulky and, well, outdated. But this takes the cake! There are so many things I could not choose, but if I had to I would have picked the Byzantine Chandelier Earrings

I have not made it all the way through the easter egg hunt list yet. But I will be there again this evening. My stepson had a great time looking for the eggs, while I window-shopped! For all of you who are hunting for eggs, sign in and say hi! After visiting my shop you can convo me through ArtFire and let me know how your hunting is going!

You should also check out Flight Fancy Friday giveaway #3. It will be going on for two weeks.


  1. Welcome to the blogging world! Thank you very much for visiting my shop and taking the time to write about it. I am truly honored!

  2. Well see you jumped in to the Land of Blog..good for you. Your post is great, just left your ArtFire shop beautiful pieces... Welcome.