Friday, May 29, 2009

Finally catching up

It has been well over a week since I have been here last. I have lost track of time and have been enjoying the great weather we have had. It is nice to see summer has finally arrived!

Over Memorial Day Weekend, my mom, my oldest daughter, and I went to Portland for a bead show. It was a wonderful drive. Well if you consider 5 hours in the car wonderful. But it was more getting to spend 5 hours visiting with my mom, which I do not do a lot of. I am guilty of going days without talking to her. So it was nice in that respect.

When at this bead show, there were some lampwork artists there in a second room. The Beadwife and Harvest Beads were there with some absolutely beautiful work! I found a pendant similar to this that made its way home with me. This is Amazonia. So after a BIG dent in the pocket book, we continued on our journey. I found so many pretty things though!

We stayed in Salem for the evening and on Sunday we went to Schreiner's Iris Garden. They have over 10 acres for the public to walk around and view all the beautiful iris there are. We spent about 2 hours and most my phone battery taking pictures! my daughter managed to get my mom's phone and was video taping the family acting strange and silly. Schreiner's has every color iris imaginabele. I wish I could mimic the colors of the flowers in my work. This has always been my goal. I wish I could put every picture on here so you could see such beautiful colors in these flowers!
This place is just amazing. As you drive down Interstate 5, you just see rows and rows of flowers! When you turn off it is even more impressive when you are able to walk through the flowers.

After we got home, I hung out with chickens and butterflies. I just wish I could get the butterflies to hold still long enough to get a picture. Instead I have action photos of our new baby chicks. Actually they are almost 6 weeks old. We have also been working in the garden and you would not believe the size of my strawberry plants! And I have blossoms on my raspberries too! No, this is not facebook. Although I do spend a little bit of time there.... ok maybe I am there often. OK! I am there every day! You dragged it out of me!!

I have not worked too much with the jewelry. I guess this means that come Monday, I have to get back on track. I will be in Bend in July and will have more info on that event as soon as they update me.
Have a cool and springy day!


  1. You've been a busy girl! Hope it was lots of fun:)

  2. too much fun! I just wish there was more time to hit a few more bead shops! :)