Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Monday, Monday...On a Tuesday

I want to begin by stating that this weekend was a wonderful weekend for a street fair! I had the grandest time socializing with the people walking by. Both my girls and my mom also stayed and helped work the booth this weekend. So it was really a great experience. Not to mention, the sales went through the roof! I am now on a mission with new color schemes and styles for the next big show! The necklace to the left was the biggest hit!

But it was not all that easy getting from last Monday's post to this past weekend. On Monday there was a wee bit of an obstacle that overcame me. I had a small accident. I was on my way to pick up kids from track and it was raining and muddy. The tire of my van got "sucked in" to the mud and I could not correct it. I eventually ended up hitting a rock, and another rock and then what finally stopped the van was a tree stump. Amazingly enough, even though the van was on the roof, I climbed out of the car with just a few sore bones and muscles.
This was just the first set back of the week. Not only had I destroyed the underneath of the van, I had to find alternative transportation to get to the show. The second was the headaches that followed. I could not get up and move around without such pain and dizziness that I had a second ER trip. So with this challenge, I was unable to sit and do all those little last minute items and details that we all know have to be done. So, with a little persistence and stubbornness, I eventually got everything ready to go.
But wouldn't you know that my husband could not go with so that meant my girls got to help set up and take down. Their favorite part! Fortunately I was able to bribe them with shave ice and a trip to the mall when it was all said and done.
My oldest even got to display some of her jewelry and sold 2 pieces! I even talked my mom into putting a few things out too. And she sold something! I was so blessed that everything fell into place even though I thought it was all going to be ruined.

Now for the next new piece of the week. It is a beautiful 16" black cherry choker. It has swarovski spacers to adds a vintage look to it. You can see it here. It would be great for prom or even an evening out. It is a lovely piece. The dyed black cherry pearls give it a soft but sophisticated look. It will be on sale at ArtFire this week!

Now, I am off to create more beautiful items so I can replenish my inventory. I wish everyone a wonderful week!


  1. Sorry to hear you got hurt and did a number on your Van..It was really nice of your girls and Mother to pitch in like that and help out at the fair...Glad the fair went so well for you...Take care of yourself and stay away from mud..:)

  2. Oh dear...I'm glad your ok! Thank the heavens for the women in the family! congrats on the great show :)