Thursday, June 25, 2009

Oh to be back in the Land of Blog........

I have to admit, I have really fallen down on the job this time! It has been nearly three weeks since I have been here. I have not kept up with blogs, give aways, new postings, etc. I have been guilty of going off and having fun as soon as the kids were released from school! We have not stopped since the beginning of June.

It all started with the Girl Scout bridging ceremony on the 6th. Pizza, cake, badges, and 5 girls bridging from Brownies to Juniors, and a Junior to Cadett (mine)! We had about an hour and a half ceremony.... 14 out of the 17 girls out of my troop showed up for this event. Of course, I managed to find the one picture of none of the girls that were bridging.

Then after that, the kids were out of school on the 9th with a kindergarten and 6th grade graduation. I am not sure why they do the graduations for the 6th graders now. I never had one of those. It was an intro to puberty class and off you go! No special instructions other than you will have more homework and less time to mess around. Ahhh, I digress! :)

Then after that, we (and when I say we I mean me) gathered supplies for Girl Scout Day Camp in less than a week. I wasn't even sure we were going to put it on due to lack of registrations. But none the less, 23 registrations in at the 11th hour. Literally.
The girls had so much fun with the theater theme last week. They made crowns, fairy wands, sets, props that were supposed to resemble a goat and so much more.
he girls got to put on a dinner theater for their parents on Friday night. We even had Miss Klamath County and Miss City of Sunshine help us during the week with our activities. It went so well, and I am so proud of the girls for their hard work.

Then of course it was a mini vacation for the family as soon as the Day Camp was over. We went camping in Antlers, California. We went swimming in Lake Shasta, made s'more's and spent a great three days away from the home (and the phone)!

So this brings me to Thursday. A far cry from my Marketing Monday's. But I have a few small things I wanted to post in the stores before I am off to another event. July 11 and 12th I will be in Bend, Oregon for the Bend Summer Festival to sell my things! I am sooo excited! This is a two day event in Downtown Bend by Drake Park. I just love the festivals. I am such a social person that this is a great event for me. So I am off to get a few more things in the stores before I start all over again, Monday.

Oh to be back in the Land of Blog........

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