Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Its Finally Time....for a giveaway!

With the Christmas season closing in on us, ( I know, I said it out loud) we are all searching for that perfect gift for daughters, sisters, granddaughters, moms, and more. Now I do not claim to have all the answers for stocking stuffer's, but I think I have a great idea for that! After a long thought about what I was going to put together as a give away item, I decided to offer the beautiful and fun Hair Fancies. I have not been able to keep these things in stock long enough at shows this past month! They are great for weddings, proms, dress up and more!

The giveaway will start Thursday October 1st, and end on October 15th. That is only two weeks to get your friends on board and your entries in! The winner will be announced on October 17th. The winner will have three days to respond and claim their gift. Good Luck to all!

So, without further Ado, it is finally time.....
Please read the rules carefully, there is a small twist to the entries for this give away.
1. follow my blog
2. refer 3 friends to follow this blog and get 2 more entries (be sure they leave your name so I can connect their entry with yours)
3. tweet this give away
4. be sure to leave a comment on what you have done here and your email in case you win

And last but not least:
5. For any person doing all four items listed above, a special gift will be included with the hair fancies if you win!

Yes! you will get a bonus gift with a give away! How great is that? So be sure to keep me posted on what you do so I can keep up with the entries! What a great way to start off your Christmas shopping season than with free gifts??!!

Be sure to check out my store for more great gift giving ideas! There are some great items for around $10!

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