Sunday, August 30, 2009

Life, death and everything in between

I have to start by admitting that I have not been that faithful about keeping up with the blog posts. As the summer rolled around and the weather got nice and warm, we spent a lot of time outside and away from home. Also with some pain with the back, it prevented me from spending more time with ArtFire, and Etsy. I have not kept up with the production of my inventory nor have I put all that I have in the stores. I think this is the inevitable truth about summer. We as adults, find a way to go out and play as the kids do when school is out. But who doesn't need that once in a while? So as we wrap up our summer, kids going back to school tomorrow, the back healing from one nasty procedure, and the loss of a family member it is time to get back to the grind of life, death and everything in between.

So with the rush of excitement about the kids being in school, and having a show next weekend I wanted to make something new and fun. I wanted to create something that was girly, pretty and elegant. I wanted to embellish on something that did not require wrapping wires or head pins for a change. And as I searched through library books, and how to pages on the web it occurred to me that I needed to go back about 6 years and "re-invent" what I had made for my girls. They loved playing dress up (and still do), and the most important part of dress up is the hair. How you wear it, what you have in it, and the crown that shines above all the rest. But I always tried to encourage my girls to be the woodland fairies who wore flowers in their hair, not crystals. And with that, my new found project was off!

I have had the most fun with this new item. I love the feel of the fabric, the color combinations, and the kids love being able to singe the edges of the material for me(honestly I think it's playing with the candles). This has been quite the family activity the past two weeks!

The flowers are layered with Chiffon, Silk, and Taffeta. The flowers are such a wonderful idea for a bride who wants to adorn her up-swept hair with small white flower petals. For that daughter that is off to prom and wants to look just right with her hair curled up and the flower just tucked behind that curl. There is no wrong occasion for these flowers. They are on bobby pins of varying sizes, so you can put them almost anywhere. You could even use them as a broach. It just makes you feel like a girl, and who doesn't need that sometimes?

Be sure to come check out ArtFire and Etsy and see for yourself how much these great hair pins could brighten up your day, just because!