Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wild about learning new projects!

New projects around this house is usually something that revolves around cleaning grout lines, or finding another tree to cut up. But last month, I decided I wanted to learn something new, that is also useful. So with this fleeting thought I set out to google ideas and things I could do over the winter break. I am just wild about learning new projects!

Much to my surprise, the things I wanted to do were not easily attainable at short notice, so I decided to to learn how to make soap. Little did I know that lye was harder to find than a pair of matching socks in my kids' drawers! I searched every hardware store, chemical distributor and mechanic within a 100 miles. I finally ran into a friend that also makes soap. He was my hero!

Back at home, I start the process. My essential oils, fats, oils, and individual containers for measuring. It all went well until I added lye to hot water quickly! EEK! Toxic smell like you would not believe! But I do have to say, my stove top has never been cleaner :)

With the thought of this being potentially harmful, I chose the next best thing, that also used a majority of the supplies I had already purchased; lip balm.

So with a smile on my lips, with my newfound talent, I set off to market the lip balm. Now I am in full swing of production. New flavors come to mind in the middle of the night, like all good ideas. Then I lose them and I have to dabble with different scents. I have got to hand it to you, I would have never known how easy and good for you beeswax lip balm is compared to commercial lip balms. From what I have learned, most chap sticks tend to dry out your lips more, so you have to use more. I am not into this philosophy. I feel it should work, and work for awhile. It's not too sweet, but has a hint of sweetness. It smells yummy and no tint. What more can you ask for?

Be sure to check out the store and see what flavor you can't live without! At only $2 a tube with such wholesome goodness like honey, beeswax, lanolin, and more, why would you pass it up?


  1. I have wanted to try soap to but the whole process sounds a bit complicated and scary.

  2. The first batch was because I had added the lye to the water way too fast! But now that I am aware of what it does, it seems less intimidating! :)