Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Let's Play Indoors

With Summer taking longer to get here, it seems I have been spending more time indoors.  I look around at all I have to do; laundry, dishes, vacuum, etc and I begin to drift off to that magical place..... my jewelry supplies!

I have put together a few new things in the past couple of days.  It has helped that I have learned to say "Laundry, you will have to wait".  I have asserted myself to the towels; yippeee!!! 
Instead I have been mixing lotions, making necklaces and earrings and I have been just so happy.  Now when the sun comes back out to play, I will have to tend to the garden, and chickens and spend more time outside, but in the meantime.... let's play indoors!

Now, don't get me wrong.  I love to be outdoors, but there is just something about the days  you get to be inside.... your imagination wanders and sometimes it creates beautiful things.  And when the sun does peek its head out for just a few minutes then you get amazing photo's like this.  Then it runs away again, knowing you are trying to accomplish something.  Kind of reminds me of my kids!  :) But They would never do something like that, would they?

So with a little bit of effort, a lot of time and more material I know what to do with I have made bags, and hair barrettes.  I have made three bags and I rarely use them.  I love the colors, and the shape and simplicity of the design.  I have even learned how to put in a pocket with a zipper! Not that I am great but I am learning.

With all the fun things I have put together over the past week, I am starting to run out of place to put these fun things!  Does this mean I get to start wearing them and using them for my own?  The chickens already love my earrings, and they peck at them every time I go out and pick one up.  What would they do with some real bling??  They would get jealous, that's what they'd do!
Just us chickens..........wearing our bling

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  1. Great read! Really enjoyed. Thank you from just another chicken~bock bock ;) xoxo